I sleep much better now. I can actually enjoy it and feel rested. I have more energy. My neck, back and hips don't hurt at work or throughout the day. I was sore in the beginning but it wasn't long until I started feeling the results. Stick with your appointment and do your stretches! You deserve to feel great!!

Kat C.


Dr. Kroes did more that just treat my immediate pain, he treated my whole body. The body has the capacity to heal itself when things are functioning properly. Being balance and adjusted helps your body naturally and properly heal itself. Dr. Kroes really cares about helping people and he has helped me in more ways than one. Additionally the staff at East Stadium are gentle and caring and gives you great service with a smile, it has been so refreshing to have found them.

Alafia Wright



"In 2016 we went to Thailand for Christmas. Christmas night I got up in the middle of the night to go downstairs. I went down six steps and missed the seventh. Thus fell and rolled down the next seven steps. For the next two weeks I held the pain at bay with Advil. Thank goodness no broken bones! When I returned to the states, I went to urgent care to double check. My foot was hurting so bad. No breaks thank goodness. Coming        out of urgent care, I immediately called Dr. Kroes and could come right over. He saw me right away! Pain was in foot, back and neck. The Dr. at urgent care told me the pain in my foot would go away in about six weeks. After Dr. Kroes adjusted me one time, my foot stopped hurting the next day and hasn't bothered me since. It took a few months of adjustments for my back and neck to feel normal again. I am so thankful for Dr. Kroes, and for all the help he has giving me so I can maintain a  normal life doing normal activites. Now I go for my monthly tune ups!" - Shirley T.



"I worked in a profession which required me to wear on my body 35lbs of gear each day. Sometimes for up to 16 hours a day. Riding in a car and conduction physical activities took a toll on my body. Chiropractic care made me feel better, walk and stand straighter, and helped me reach the 30 years I needed to retire. Now when I over exert, it makes me feel better."  - Harry V.



"Chiropractic care keeps me moving, smiling, and lessens pain so life is enjoyable. I'm very thankful and blessed for Dr. Kroes and all he helps me with through my chiropractic adjustments. It is a wonderful thing and the world needs more of it." - Millie P.



"Oh so many ways... countless times Dr. Kroes (and his associates) over the years have relieved severe pain. Today he continues to help me maintain good health with my weekly adjustments." - Darcy H.



"I've been coming to East Stadium Chiropractic for over 10 years! I've referred Dr. K to at least 4+ folks, mostly fellow employees at the bank. My son Alex is a patient here also. Everyone at my office gets sick . . . except for me! I don't get sick like I used to."  - Phil W.



"Dr. Kroes is really good, and makes my body and life so well." - Sheng K.



"I feel more relaxed and less stressed from the relief the care at East Stadium Chiropractic gives me.  I highly recommend getting checked out!"      - Erika H.



"My back was a mess! I was laying on the floor unable to move without extreme pain. My wife suggested trying something new because I couldn't continue to live like that. It was awful. So honestly, coming here did change my life. With regular adjustments, my back doesn't "go out" anymore. Thank you Dr. Kroes!" - Rob W.



"Chiropractic has made me pain free. The best life was to find a chiropractor. I tell everyone about this office." - Carolyn D.



As a voice major, every chiropractic appointment is essential to my life. It has greatly improved my posture and helps relieve weekly pain. - "Tinkerbell" Autumn Simons



"It helps my immune system and go rid of my bad nose bleeds!"  - Noah S. 



"Chiropractic has changed my life . . . times 3! Not only has Dr. Kroes helped by facilitating my daily living - he has adjusted both my 89 year old mother and my now 17 year old daughter (who has been under chiropractic care since she was born)! I breathe better, I sleep better, I move without pain and wouldn't be able to live my busy/active life without Dr. Kroes!" - Ann S. 



"Years ago, I was unable to walk with a normal date, my right foot dragged and I had foot drop. I tried physical therapy and saw my medical doctor, to no avail. I was prescribed medications. I was then referred to chiropractic by a friend, and I have never looked back! I am more aware of my body and I get regular adjustments to keep myself aligned and clear, along with regular stretching and exercise." - Lynda S.



"Everyone at East Stadium Chiropractic was very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Kroes was very knowledgeable, and I feel better after my very first adjustment!" - Mark Z. (new patient to chiropractic)



"I've had three incredibly easy pregnancies and deliveries because of my adjustments and staying tuned up with Dr. Kroes. My family is so blessed to be able to stay so healthy because of coming here." - Shannon P.



"Since starting care at East Stadium Chiropractic, my headaches have reduced and I haven't had a migraine in over 2 years. I would definitely recommend them." - Krissy Guzak



Dr. Kroes was recommended to me by another chiropractor (a friend was going too). Starting to see him was the best thing that could have happened in my life. When I first came in I was bent over and had trouble standing up. He worked on my back and I could stand up with no problem. My body was doing good until recently when I tripped in a dog hole and shifted my body. After this fall I knew I needed to get back to my chiropractor to be healed again. - Carolyn D. 



"Dr. Kroes has allowed me to be free of pain in my back, knees and I'm able to dance a jig! I'm 89 years young and love coming to him. What a doctor!!!" - Fran B.



"I had a dislocated left knee cap - pain was excruciating. My medical doctor recommended spine surgery.

Dr. Kroes adjusted my leg once and all was well !!!" - Barbara M.



"Improved my posture, flexibility, and gait - reduced pain and improved my quality of life. It has allowed me to ski, ride my motorcycle, and get a new puppy! Priceless." - Jon I.



First of all, chiropractic care saved me from back surgery 20 years ago. I was half-bent over and taking medications and physical therapy only helped temporarily. Chiropractic care has straightened my back, relieved my back pain, and improved my overall health and wellbeing. Chiropractic care has made a dramatic difference in my life! - Terry F.




I can now drive my car for as long as I want without pain. Before, I could only drive for a half hour without serious pain! I now sleep better, have less anxiety, much less joint pain, and I eat a better diet! Dr. Kroes is very patient, dedicated, a great listener, and is very funny too (in a good way!) He always brightens my day. - Martin S.



Chiropractic patient takes 1st place in her figure skating competition! Congratulations, Hailey!



I used to get headaches all the time. Chiropractic has successfully eliminated my headaches! Everytime I come in and get adjusted by Dr. Kroes, I can breathe better. I love it!! - Mike S.



"I have had back problems since an accident when I was eighteen. I have had therapy and spinal shots and was doing well, even though I always had pain. A few years ago, my back went out again and I knew I needed to find a chiropractor. I called my son in Brentwood, TN - He is a chiropractor - and I asked him for a recommendation. He talked to his colleagues in Tennessee and Michigan, and Dr. Kroes was the doctor recommended. I got an immediate appointment and the difference made was amazing! 

In December of 2016, at the age of 86, I had a stroke. I spent over two months in the hospital going from not being able to stand to a wheelchair, then a walker, and finally a cane. I saw a number of therapists and was doing fairly well until my back went out again. I hurt badly enough that I went back to my walker. This was a real set back for me. I called Dr. Kroes's office and they worked me in right away. Within two appointments, I was back to using my cane. I am continuining to see Dr. Kroes so I can continue to live comfortable and enjoy life.

PS- My doctor sent me to the Spine Clinic. The doctor there suggested spine therapy but it was going to be two months before I could get an appointment. My wife asked what I was supposed to do in the meantime and he suggested I take Tylenol! I told him I was seeing a chiropractor and he said he didn't think it would help much, but I could do whatever I wanted. When I went back to see him, I was much better and he remarked that Spine Therapy must be going well. I was quick to tell him that I had seen the therapist only once. All the progress I had made was due to Dr. Kroes!

I know that Dr. Kroes treats some medical doctors and I'm glad the medical community is finally seeing the good that chiropractic can do to help. If you need a chiropractor in or near Ann Arbor, East Stadium Chiropractic and Dr. Kroes and his staff are the people you need to see." - Bob Skye



8 years ago medical doctors told me I was going to die soon. They said if the amount of pain medication I was on didn’t kill me, the pain of my illness in general would within the year. I have had 3 heart attacks, 5 stents put in my heart and 22 angioplasties. I also have an experimental spinal cord stimulator implant in my spine for pain control. Considering all the information I was given by the medical doctors, I began to look at alternative medicines.



My first choice was acupuncture which gave me some relief for a short time. After 35 visits my relief was decreasing and she told me I had a lot of unexplained interference.

Purely by accident, my father met a doctor of chiropractic who felt she could help me, and she did! I was seeing her 3 times a week but she was too far away for me to keep driving out there to see her. She recommended me to Dr. Kroes at East Stadium Chiropractic. Trusting her suggestion and because I was finding some relief with chiropractic, I followed up with Dr. Kroes and Dr. Bannister and I am very happy that I did.



I have been seeing them for 3 years now and thanks to all their great care I have gone from feeling hopeless every day to living my life to the fullest!


What chiropractic helps me understand is interference. It was preventing my body from healing itself. Chiropractic saved my life. I know this to be true because I am now doing something medical doctors said I would never do again; I am riding horses! Happy trails to you! - Mike H.



"Set me on the path to major nutritional and activity measures that render being 83 years old palatable and even comfortable." - Pat M.



"I never get sick anymore, and my daily back pain is gone. Overall my quality of life completely changed for the better." - Ryan P.



"Chiropractic care helps me feel a whole lot better. Finding out things are connected to my spine and an adjustment helps tremendously."                - Michael S.







I started chiropractic care @ East Stadium in 1995 for numbness in my arm. At the time, I had no idea the health benefits that would result. After one month, not only was the numbness in my arm gone, but I was completely off my meds for colitis and have never had colon problems since! In addition, my chronic lower back pain (that resulted from a car accident) has been effectively managed through chiropractic. I don't get sick nearly as often and I have a tremendous amount of trust in the care I receive. My children often come with me to get adjusted as well. Best chiropractors around! - Lynley C.



I had been going to East Stadium Chiropractic strictly as a spectator, to my husband's chiropractic appointments with Dr. Kroes. Dr. Kroes is/was always concerned, helpful, informative, patient, has a great sense of humor, and loves animals! What more could you ask for in a Doctor? Then I started having big time pain in my right leg and hip. I was taking a lot of pain pills just to be able to walk slowly and get, what little I could, done. So I also became a patient of Dr. Kroes! I have a ways to go, but I know I'm already doing better with Dr. K's help. If you have pain, this is the place to go. - Dana. S




I have been going to a chiropractor for over 30 years. With chiropractic, my life has been virtually pain-free! Unless I do something wrong, then I just go in for an adjustment. I've noticed chiropractic helping with colds, sinus issues, and just plain aches and pains. It has given me a higher quality of life. I usually have an adjustment every two weeks just to stay tuned up. It's always a joy visiting my friendly chiropractor! - Martha R.










Chiropractic clears my head and makes it easier for me to concentrate and focus. - Jeremy H.








Coming to East Stadium has improved my bowling scores and the way I feel.

My body doesn't hurt anymore and I haven't had any headaches.

- Chris T. (Junior Olympic Metal Recipient)






When I first came to see Dr. Kroes @ East Stadium, I had several problems that doctors couldn't fix using conventional methods. The first was recurring hip pain, which had me in and out of physical therapy on a regular basis. The second was terrible acid reflux. At 16, my acid reflux left me with a sore throat and a hoarse voice. Doctors couldn't explain why someone my age, who was very healthy, had such a terrible condition. Chiropractic care not only eliminated those two problems, it alleviated pain I wasn't aware I was living with. Chiropractic care has greatly improved my overall health. I would recommend it to anyone with health problems that conventional doctors cannot fix. - Ana Sofia M.



I first seeked out chiropractic care at Dr. Kroes’ office about 10 years ago. One morning I woke up feeling exceptionally tired and in a “fog.” By the time I got to my office, I could not hold my head up, my neck was in a considerable amount of pain, and I could barely think straight! I’m a healthy, athletic person, so I didn’t know what was going on or what to do! I didn’t want to call my doctor because it would take too long, but my situation seemed urgent, so I discovered East Stadium Chiropractic through the Yellowpages. The adjustment took just a few minutes and the change was nothing short of miraculous! I was as good as new, back to my original self, and in a matter of minutes! It was an amazing transformation. My husband, who had been watching everything dubiously, could not believe the difference. He signed up for his first appointment on the spot!

A couple years later, I brought up a sharp pain in my lower abdomen that I’d occasionally experience ever since the birth of my first child, which was about 15 years ago at the time. I told him the whole story, how doctors ran test after test on me and couldn’t figure out what was causing the pain (which was becoming more intense and lasting longer!) Surgery was recommended and did not go well. The worst part is, after surgery the pain was still there!  The doctor did a re-exam and decided it was a pulled muscle! After hearing how much expensive medical testing and a serious operation had not helped the pain, my chiropractor was able to switch up his adjustments to improve my alignment and relieve the pulled muscle. Over the next few months, the pain went away! It has been 10 years and this pain has never resurfaced! To this day I’m amazed at how much chiropractic care has helped me.  – Debbie M.



As a former dancer and now yoga instructor, I have managed a fair amount of body awareness throughout life. I had shied away from chiropractic, but in 2011, I couldn’t ignore the twisting I felt in my body and neck that I was aware of each morning, so I became a patient @ East Stadium Chiropractic. Dr. Kroes & his team have really sorted out my neck and nervous system issues. I no longer wake with a stiff neck and have seen improvements in my range of motion. Advanced yoga postures that required neck strength I had previously avoided, I now do on a regular basis without worrying. In general, I feel my body systems to be improving. I highly recommend Dr. Kroes for his skill & patient rapport. He has 30 some years experience and it truly shines! – Shelley B. 







Growing up, I suffered from numerous headaches. I was always put on medication and received several cat scans to try and diagnose the problem, but it didn’t really help. Not to mention, I am a college student and it is very stressful! Chiropractic care has significantly reduced my headaches after my second visit to see Dr. Kroes. I noticed that with certain adjustments I could actually feel pressure being released and my body was more relaxed. I wish I had received chiropractic care when I was active in high school and college sports! I notice how beneficial it is for my body. You feel like a whole new person after a "tune up." – Travis D.







Sometimes my head can be a bit foggy. For example, do you ever go to get something, but before you can get there, you’ve already forgotten what you went to go get?! Well, my thinking is a lot less foggy after I’ve had an adjustment! It clears up my head and improves my memory. Also, I’ve often noticed when my neck is adjusted my hearing is improved! It is amazing. I never seem to realize how bad my hearing is until after I get adjusted and suddenly I can hear way better then before. Sometimes I don’t notice the radio is on until I get adjusted. It is a BIG, “WOW.” - Theresa S.





For most of my life, I have had severe dizzy spells while trying to sleep at night. When I would get up in the morning, I had to be careful or I would be dizzy for hours. I work at Olive Garden, so being dizzy is not an option! After 1 visit here with Dr. Bannister, I am no longer dizzy! My hands used to go numb at night and now they are fine. Even my grandson is receiving chiropractic care here and he crawled for the first time 2 days after his first visit!  - Cheryl G.





The final days of Melissa’s pregnancy included an ultrasound to determine the position of the baby. Unfortunately, the baby was still breech, and the Obstetrics physician was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. The physician was open to ideas outside of typical Western Medicine, but suggested that we have a manual manipulation within three days to try to invert the baby. This procedure would come with several risks, but at the time still offered an alternative to undergoing a cesarean section. However, before leaving the office the physician also mentioned that some chiropractors may offer benefits to the Mother and baby in a situation like this.Family who loves East Stadium Chiropractic After doing some research, we reached out to Dr Kroes and explained the situation at hand. Dr Kroes applied specialized training that uses principals of the Webster Technique. After two appointments and the use of an inversion table, it was time for our appointment at the hospital. Now at one week overdue, the appointment was designed for one final ultrasound, followed by the manual manipulation. To the surprise of the ultrasound technician, for the first time the baby had inverted and was head down.  Within the next 24hours we had our first beautiful healthy baby girl.

Expecting our third baby, we felt prepared and were looking forward to another little bundle of joy. However, at almost a week late, the baby was not dropping down to progress the pregnancy. We spoke with our physician and it was explained to us that the baby was in a posterior position. The position was restraining the baby from continuing down into the birthing canal.  With this problem we again found ourselves reaching out the expertise of Dr. Kroes. He was able to apply some similar Webster techniques to  help release and correct some restrictions. Within 12 hours we were delivering our third precious little baby girl.

We are fortunate to have such an accomplished Chiropractor such as Dr. Kroes in our community. His knowledge and expertise played an important part in our children’s successful and non-invasive delivery. Without his assistance, very likely cesarean sections may have to had been used. - Jason & Melissa V.



Chiropractic changed his life



After over 8 years of suffering from IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, back & neck pain, and the mental/physical/emotional stress from all of these, I am incredibly thankful for my recommendation to come to East Stadium Chiropractic Wellness Center. I've seen multiple (and expensive) intestinal specialists and have been on countless different medications. After only 2 1/2 weeks of chiropractic care at ESCWC, my intestinal symptoms have decreased by more than I can remember. Not to mention my back and neck pain barely even bother me anymore. I cannot put into words the gratitude I have for the doctors at ESCWC! I now sleep at night, can bowl every week without pain, don't have to worry about my stomach acting up, and can enjoy my true passion which is playing drums and guitar for however long I want, not for how long I can. Chiropractic care has improved my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined, and I confidently testify that everyone should seek chiropractic care!

- Joel (The Falcon)





Ann Arbor East Stadium Chiropractic PatientsWhen I first came to East Stadium Chiropractic 13 years ago, I really didn't think it would help. I simply fell down brushing my teeth one day and I was a wreck. Now, after years of chiropractic, I am able to play golf and I do not fall down anymore. When my back goes out, Dr. Kroes puts it back where it belongs! Without him I would be in a wheelchair. Thank the Lord!!

- Lance M.





When I started chiropractic 30 years ago, my lower back used to hurt 80% of the time. After regular chiropractic treatment, the pain resolved in just a few months. I continue regular chiropractic care and now my back rarely hurts at all - maybe once a year! Dr. Kroes is very experienced, skillful and positive. I've been to several chiropractic offices over the years and this is a very good one. I recommend it highly.

The office staff is great too! - Jonathan E.



Ann Arbor East Stadium Chiropractic PatientsI had spent about 4 months with severe waves of nausea and stomach discomfort.  Doctors kept changing my medication and I had numerous tests taken, but nothing seemed to help. No one could figure out what was wrong with me!  I went to East Stadium Chiropractic to get adjusted and my stomach problems were gone by the following day!  It's been over a month now and I still feel great. I am off all stomach medications.  Thanks!

- Angela C.






I have more energy and less pain since I've been receiving chiropractic care. Overall, I feel healthier and I don't get colds as often as I used to! - Raquel W.





My first adjustment provided by Dr. Kroes actually improved my vision! It wasn't until I was driving home from his office that night that I realized the improvement. I could read the signs, the lights were not blurry, and I felt more cognizant of all the objects around me. Since that time, Dr. Kroes has been able to remedy many of my aches with his adjustments. I've never been a believer in chiropractic medicine before that first visit, but now I can personally attest to the benefits that his practice can provide.

- Jack K.




Dr. Bannister and Dr. Kroes at East Stadium Chiropractic have done a wonderful job of first educating me about spinal health care, then making regular adjustments and teaching me proper stretches.  Where I had problems turning my head to the left, it now moves more freely, and for the first time in at least 20 years, I'm free of back pain.  The ladies in the office are great.  They help all they possibly can--from remembering my name after the first visit, to being so cheerful, they help make everything go smooth and enjoyable. - Dale P.




Before Chiropractic, I had been diagnosed with Endometriosis and had surgery for it. My husband and I were told that the best thing to help me with the "pain," to describe it mildly, would be to get pregnant and have a baby. We were excited to have our first child, but struggled with not being able to get pregnant. After 1 miscarriage, we continued unsuccessfully for a year to try and get pregnant again. We finally went to a doctor to get help. It was recommended that I have another surgery to try and remove the Endometriosis. I was also taking medications that put me through a "medical menopause" and was given medications to help me get pregnant. I did shortly after, only to have yet again, another miscarriage. A friend of mine at work encouraged me to see Dr. Kroes. I was extremely leery and skeptical; I mean, what could he do that had not already been done? On my first visit, I didn't "share" anything about what we had been going through. I wanted to see what he had to say first. He explained that the part of my spine that helped with my reproductive organs function was twisted, bad. He also went on to say that although he would not claim he would "heal" me, he felt that our chances would be better with chiropractic. While receiving his care, I felt physically better and did notice a little difference in the pain level of my horrible menstrual cycles. A few months later, I became pregnant! We continued to see our infertility doctor and also Dr. Kroes. In August 1995, I gave birth to our daughter & couldn't have been more thrilled! 4 years later, we were blessed again with a beautiful, healthy baby boy! We feel in our own minds that it was Gods timing for us, but that He used Dr. Kroes, as a helper in it. My family & I are so grateful for our recommendation to seek chiropractic care! - Trina C.



By the age of 68, I was convinced that my "aches and pains" in my legs and hips were just the result of getting older, and resigned myself to it.  When East Stadium Chiropractic Wellness Center moved in nearby, I decided to give it a try.  The change didn't happen overnight, but it surely did occur!  For the past year, I have had one appointment per week that keeps me usually pain-free, and the folks are fun and keep me smiling! - Alison W.



Can't get better care, 5 stars. I was skeptical of chiropractors for years. My first chiropractor (in a different state) didn’t do much to end my skepticism.  I came to Dr. Kroes and told him of my skepticism.  It was clear from the beginning that he was honest and sincere and truly wants to help his patients live a healthier life.  He is committed to doing what is best for his patients and I would recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care.  You cannot find a better chiropractor.

Although the above text cites Dr. Kroes, the same can be said of Dr. Osborn.

The office staff is delightful and very easy to deal with. - Bruce E. (Review on www.insiderpages.com)



I was in a car accident.  Doctors told me I would always have to live with the pain and that nothing could be done.  Now, I get along fine with chiropractic.  I also had a shoulder injury and had surgery on it.  Doctors said I would never have more than 60% use of my shoulder and that I would need periodic surgical adjustments.  Now, I use my shoulder normally. - Tim R.



I had a problematic knee which almost made me feel handicapped for two years.  I took all the medicines and went to all the doctor visits – nothing helped.  I was very frustrated until my friend told me about chiropractic help.  In one week I felt much better.  I can do so much more.  Thank you. - Manisha S.




My back used to get so bad at times that I couldn’t move.  That hasn’t happened since I started chiropractic care.  Chiropractic care has also helped my immune system.  I haven’t been sick nearly as often.  When I am sick, I feel much better after just one visit to the chiropractor.  I recommend chiropractic care for everyone. : ) - Care F.





The tendonitis in my shoulder is much improved since starting chiropractic treatment.  These improvements are much greater than those I experienced through conventional medicine.  I also used to have hip pain that would wake me up in the night; now the pain is much better. - Karen O. 





I have been seeing Dr. Kroes for quite a few years and I have felt healthier and been more pain free than in prior years.  My family has been healthier in general and it helps me get through the tax season each year. - Jim J.




I do not have neck pain anymore! -Marlene F.



Chiropractic care has changed my life in many ways.  One way it has changed my life is by letting me relax and not feel so stressed.  Another way it helps is by keeping me in shape.  I feel relieved to be able to do sports, gymnastics,  cheerleading and enjoy sleeping without waking up with kinks in my neck.  I love the chiropractor! - Alexandria G.



I have enjoyed twelve years of much better health!  Chiropractic care prevented me from having a hip replacement at 39 years of age! - Slyvia L.




Chiropractic care has opened my awareness of a healthier lifestyle.  This has brought immeasurable improvement to both my life and to the lives of my family members. - Michele M.






Since starting chiropractic care, I have had fewer sinus problems.  I believe we have both of our children because of the care. - Dave C.



A few months after my son was born I was experiencing severe back pain.  I couldn’t walk upright because it hurt too much.  After only 3 adjustments, I was back to normal.  I’ve gotten regular adjustments since & cannot imagine life without my regular visits.  When I’m coming down with a cold, most of the time an adjustment stops it.  Now I tell everyone I know to start seeing a chiropractor. - Vanessa H.





Chiropractic care has been a Godsend for me over the years!  It has stopped immense pain many times and the routine maintenance has made my back stronger so when pain episodes do occur, they are fewer and further between.  Thank you Dr. Kroes!

P.S. The staff is great! - Darcy H. 




Chiropractic care has changed my life in many ways.  For example, my knees and back are much better than they used to be.  Also, going to Dr. Kroes helped spark my interest in chiropractic care; I am going to major in therapy in college and become a “Dr. Kroes” myself.  I want to help people too and open my own clinic.  I may even come and work with Dr. Kroes! - Rachael M.